""It has been my good fortune to study the Alexander Technique with a few of the best teachers in the country (on both coasts), and Bill Plake is certainly to be counted among them. His empathy is unparalleled, his own technique is superb, and his vast knowledge is constantly renewed by an insatiable curiosity. He also happens to be a superior musician and this gives him deep insight into the physical and mental relationships musicians have as they address their instruments. It would be impossible for me to overstate how much the Alexander Technique has meant to me in my career and in my daily life, and in this way, Bill Plake has been a huge influence.""  
— George McMullen, professional trombonist and composer, Los Angeles and New York  




The Alexander Technique is a practical method of self-care that teaches you how to prevent excess muscular strain in your body. It has a well-founded reputation for helping people with chronic back pain and other chronic pain conditions. It is also highly effective in helping with balance and coordination. The Technique is applicable to any human activity, is completely safe to learn, and is useful to people of all ages, and from all walks of life.


Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you do whatever you do, better: less strain and greater confidence in moving safely and efficiently. Whether you’re working at a computer, hammering a nail, cooking, dancing, walking, exercising, speaking, or making music, you can use the Alexander Technique to optimize your experience and improve your results.


Through the Alexander Technique, I have successfully helped people from a large variety of professions and lifestyles improve their conditions of chronic pain and impaired coordination. And, with over 35 years of experience as a professional musician, and with many years of combined experience teaching both music and teaching the Alexander Technique to musicians, actors and dancers, I bring a well-developed insight into the particular needs of the performing artist.


If you play music please visit my Alexander Technique blog for musicians http://billplakemusic.org.